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Evaluación de Inglés

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Write situational sentences (or dialogues) that exemplify the meanings of these proverbs, tenses, choose the best alternative.

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    Evaluación de Inglés

    3°1° - 2002 – 3er trimestre

    1.- Choose the best alternative

    1)      A friend is very sorry for something wrong he has done. What do you say to assure him that you’re not angry at him?

    a) Every dog has his day

    b) It never rains, but it pours

    c) Beggars cant’t be choosers

    d) Another proverb: ………..


    2)      Your friend keeps talking about how much you will like the blind date he’s organizing for you. You’re not sure. You say:

    a) Practice what you preach

    b) A man is judged by the company he keeps

    c) The proof of the pudding is the eating

    d) Another proverb: ………..

    3)      Your mother tells you about her horrible day and all the bad things that happened to her. You sympathize by saying:

    a) A woman’s work is never done

    b) It never rains, but it pours

    c) Every family has a skeleton in his closet

    d) Another proverb: ………..

    4)      Your friend’s computer is producing a little noise that has no apparent consequences in its functioning. However, you think it would be best to check what it is. To convince your friend, you say:

    a) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    b) The devil makes work for idle hands

    c) Birds of a feather flock together

    d) Another proverb: ………..


    II.- Write situational sentences (or dialogues) that exemplify the meanings of these proverbs:


    a) Beggars cant’t be choosers

    b) Practice what you preach

    c) Death is the great leveler

    d) Make hay while the sun shines

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