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Exámen de inglés técnico. Control Key Combinations- translate. C

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    30 points

    Control Key Combinations - Translate


    The control key has a special task. It lets you give complex commands to your computer by pressing

    only two or three keys. You must hold down the CONTROL key while you press another key.




    When you press the CONTROL key and the S key at the same time, you can stop the scrolling

    + of the screen display. Then to continue scrolling, press CONTROL + S again.




    When you press the CONTROL key and the C key at the same time,

    + you can stop a command.






    If you want to restart MS-DOS, press the CONTROL, ALT and DELETE keys,

    + + at the same time.

    20 points



    1.- A program is a series of instructions.

    2.- Computers use the decimal system.

    3.- Printers are not devices.

    4.- Programmers are instructions.-

    5.- The disk is in the disk driver.-

    6.- A bit is a binary digit.-

    7.- The screen shows you processed information.-

    8.- The PC is able of storing data.-

    9.- The keyboard is a output device.-

    10.- You mustnt hold down the CONTROL and C keys when you want to stop a command.

    20 points




    1.- Computers give us information.-

    2.- Last computers are very.

    3.- Floppy disks are...

    4.-A computer is a network of..circuits.-

    5.- Tapes are..

    6.-The printer is a ..unit.-

    7.- Know a bit about computing is..for the people.-

    8.- The computer programs can be .or.-

    10 points


    Complete with PERSONAL PRONOUNS.

    1.- We study Computing because.is important.-

    2.- Robert Jones is an intelligent analyst but...is not efficient.-

    3.- Patricia Clarke is in Room 3 because ..works with computers.-

    4.- We use new computers because...are small and fast.-

    5.-The disk is in the computer;.is a hard disk.-

    6.- Peter and Susan are operators and....work in Room 10.-

    7.- Direction keys move the cursor rigth, left, up, and down. .dont affect the characters

    that are displayed.-

    8.- In the keyboard is the SPACEBAR key. lets you move the cursor to the rigth.-

    9.-The BACKSPACE key deletes characters asmoves the cursor to the left.-

    20 points



    1.-What devices does a computer return results to? A. The programs that are precessed.-

    2.-What is the computer system divided in? B. The mechanical and electronic parts of

    3.-Where does one get training in programming fundamentals? the system.-

    4.-What is harware? C. The programmers.-

    5.-Who does design software? D. At colleges or specialized institutions.-

    6.-What is the result of constant improvement of computer technology? E. software and hardware.-

    7.-Which machines are directly connected to a computer? F. Only one at time.-

    8.-What is software? G. Printer or other output devices.-

    9.-How many people are required to operate one computer? H. If it is accurate, it produces accurate

    10.-Why is software an important part of the system? results.-

    i. The computers become obsolete within

    only a few years.-

    j. On-line devices.-


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