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Marcelo Tinelli




Marcelo Hugo Tinelli was born in San Carlos de Bolívar on 1st april 1960.

His father was Dino Hugo Tinelli, he died in 1971. Marcelo studied the primary education in Cervantes school. He liked playing football with his friends in the streets, he was a common boy.

His mother was a teacher, she died in 1994 in a psiquiatric hospital in Buenos Aires.

After the death of his father, Marcelo and his mother moved to Buenos Aires. When he was a teenager he studied in Manuel Belgrano school. He had two passions: the football and the radio. He was a very good football player, he played in "Defensores de Belgrano" and "Club San Telmo". Marcelo played versus Maradona in a final match versus Cebollitas, but when they weren't famous yet.

He spent the afternoons Radio Rivadavia studios and heard a program called "La Oral Deportiva". When he was 15 years old, in 1975, began to work with José María Muñoz. In 1981 he met Juan Alberto Badía, and worked with him in "Piedra Libre" and "Badía y Cia".

He married Maria Soledad Aquino in 1986. They had got two doughters, Micaela and Candelaria.

Marcelo got his first success like a TV conductor in the 90's, "Videomatch" and "Ritmo de la Noche".

Videomatch was a program that began with bloopers and entertaiments, but later it became in a program with humour and music stars like Ricky Martin, Chayanne and Luis Miguel.

He multipled his success with "Ritmo de la Noche", a sunday's program, he met Paula Robles, his future wife. He married in 1997 in a field in Baradero. Later was born Francisco, his first boy. Marcelo won the "Martin Fierro de oro" in 1997, Videomatch was the best humour program in Argentina.

The program managed 22,5 rating points and a second of publicy cost U$S 1050.

In 1998 he bought a spanish football team called Badajoz, it cost U$S 6500000.

He had got 17 "Martin Fierro" in one year.

Marcelo had the radio station "Radio Uno". He has a publicy producer: "Ideas del Sur", his own company to pruduce television. Marcelo had produced a lot of novels, too. He is producing Costumbres Argentinas and Sol Negro now.

Marcelo is a good person, he likes helping Bolívar, his home town. He did a lot of things in Bolívar, for example, Marcelo did a international marathon called Dino Hugo Tinelli in honour to his father in 1998. This marathon is still organized. Marcelo collected much money in those marathons, and he gave it to the hospital. To celebrate, he had an impressive fireworks show in 2000. But for him, those thins aren't sufficient and organized a volleyball team called "Bolívar Signia" in 2002. It won the argentinian championship 2002/2003.
He took Los Nocheros, La Mona Giménez, Yerba Brava and other famous singers to Bolívar, too.

Marcelo and Paula had another daughter: Juana. She was born in 2002.

This is the end of the Marcelo Hugo Tinelli's biography, a guy who began as a waiter in a Radio and now is in the top, in spite of this, he didn't lose his humility.



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