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amigos lenguados - Kaiser - 10-15-2004

Hola soy el Kaiser :

quisiera hacerme amigos de personas que le gusten comunicarse en ingles o aleman . por que me gustaria ponerme en practica .

no soy capo hablando pero tampoco soy un novato!

Tell me ! / schreib wald!

Re: amigos lenguados - LolaWildChild - 10-15-2004

Im in! You can talk to me :wink:

Creo defenderme bastante bien con el inglés...

- - ^C0MB0Y^ - 10-20-2004

So, we can start a new forum to do that!!!

Re: amigos lenguados - Kaiser - 10-20-2004

hi, Im the Kaiser/ hallo ich bin der Kaiser:

this is great , a new forum for it . I believe that I had a good idea!!!

das ist prima, ein neues forum für es. Ich glaube dass ich eine gute idee gehabt hat


wirte me !!!!! schreib mich!!!!!!!

Re: amigos lenguados - LolaWildChild - 10-20-2004

Indeed, you had an excellent idea! Now, on this new forum, everyone can practice their English, and it could be lots of fun!! :lol:

Let me introduce myself. I’m Lola and I’ll be 21 years old pretty soon

So, let’s start this forum!!! Kaiser, tell us a little something about yourself, so we can get to know you a little better

- - ^C0MB0Y^ - 10-22-2004

OK, Im ^CoMbOy^, im 20 years old, my birthday is Dec 8th and i wanna meet you (lola), i wanna know all about you, your preferences, your hobbies, what do you like to do on weekends!. Tell me...

Re: amigos lenguados - LolaWildChild - 10-22-2004

Hm, Comboy... too many questions! Where do I start?....

As you already know, my birthday’s coming up, and I’m planning on going out with all of my friends. ::cerveza:: Don’t really know how we’re all gonna end up ‘cause it’s a week night, and most of us have to go to college or work the next day.... But you only turn 21 once, right?

Ok, next question... Hobbies. I like to draw, but most of my drawings end up looking like comics or something like that. Guess I need more practice, but I hate being told what to do... I love to write, as you may noticed :wink: . And I’m addicted to TV, more of a madness actually, which is probably the main reason why I choose my career...

What do I do on weekends?... Usually, I go out with my friends on Fridays (and Tuesdays, and Thursdays... Tongue ) , and with my brother and his friends on Saturdays. I Have an album on the internet with pics of those nights... Its kinda crazy, actually.... Sometimes I have to stay home to study, but I’m not really the “brain always studying” kinda girl, even though I do have good grades... :roll:

Well.. I think that’s pretty much all... You asked me my preference... on what??

And what about you?! Tell me about yourself!

- - Ilk-po - 10-29-2004

[quote:627022bb73="^C0MB0Y^"]i wanna meet you (lola), i wanna know all about you[/quote:627022bb73]

t tiraron los galgos, Lolita!! :lol:

- - ^C0MB0Y^ - 10-31-2004

Well, i haven´t too time, but what can i sai you about me... i like partys, im in 6th semester of system, i have a dog (beyota) its a dalmatian, i work for a foundation and study at night, in novenmber must go to california and im so happy for that to work in a college, I’m addicted to TV too.

After all... i wanna meet you, but the people always think bad things, i don´t know why?

Re: amigos lenguados - LolaWildChild - 10-31-2004

You’re going to California?? I envy you SO much!!! I’ve only been in New York City about 5 years ago, for Christmas time. But, you’re going to work there?? That’s so cool!! I wish I could do that some day… :roll:

I have a dog too. It’s name’s Eros (like the God of love) and he’s a Shar Pei. He’s just a poppy, we got him about 3 weeks ago.

I think that, as most people don’t believe in friendship between man and woman, it’s easy to think in the wrong way… :oops: But I have lots of male friends, and I think thats pretty cool, cause theyre always giving me another perspective!!